A bumpy week with a few disappointments. Really tough at times but ended well. I’m confident.

A huge proportion of my job is thinking.

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My job is to map things out, structure them, look for the dependencies and interconnections. Strategize then iterate the strategy as we go. I have shared some of this thinking in these weeknotes. The scope of our work is large and complex. It needs to fit together to meet the needs of multiple data-user types. In order to do that we need to understand the types of user, types of need and translate that into what…

A curious week. Short weeknotes as had too much else to do.

Some things I’ve been doing and thinking about this week.

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This week saw quite a few conversations about what’s coming up. Some from a work/project perspective and some from people’s individual perspectives. What are the aims, the options and the next steps. Plus what might be the problems when we arrive.

I had a good long chat with Jason this week. About a load of things. Hoping I can help with some bits and bobs. …

A productive and reassuring week of moving forward. Mostly.

Some things I’ve been doing and thinking about this week.

Last week I mentioned that departmentally we are moving towards a distributed data architecture. This necessitates some change in ways of working and ownership. Distributed data leadership, product and pipeline management. Centralised standards and governance.

Lots of my time over the last few months has been spent in conversation about these things. This week is has been standards and governance.

I mentioned our standards work in S03E01 of these weeknotes (and probably every one since). When I first moved into Health…

This week ended well. Some crappy isolated things happened. I feel far more in control than I have done recently. The week is brought to you by the words bridge and mesh.

Some things I’ve been doing and thinking about this week.

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I typically read quite a bit of short-form stuff each week and listen in on as much as I can in terms of events. I love the Institute for Government DataBites series. The session this week in particular. If you haven’t seen one, you’re missing out. The aim is to showcase interesting government data projects. The format is…

5 ways to invigorate your work and life inspired by the musical masterpiece

The hit Broadway musical Hamilton tells the remarkable life story of the polymath, founding father, Alexander Hamilton. The story covers the dramatic highs and lows of a soldier, statesman and scholar. Taking in revolution, backroom deals, scandal, blackmail and death in a duel.

Some argue that historically it’s a stretch. Few argue that artistically it is brilliant. Let’s unpick some of the interwoven innovative elements into a clickbaity list titled with lyrics of the show. Five things we should all try, do and support others with.

Awesome. Wow.

1. This is not a moment. It’s the movement

Hamilton is a potential game-changer. The kind of innovation that could redefine…

This week ended better than it started. The work is on course but the journey could be smoother. I'm off next week. Can’t wait.

Things I’ve been doing and thinking about this week.

Super Nintendo controller: Kamil S

Towards the end of the week I stepped back from the service design and strategy team. It was too much to be a full-time member of that team with my other commitments. It will definitely lighten my mental load. This is needed.

I mentioned last week that discussions had begun about another part of my role — bridging Health Digital and the central data part of the…

A week of contemplation and restraint. A crappy week healthwise. I’ve felt terrible for most of it, headaches, no energy. A crappy week mental healthwise too as it’s been a personally unsettling week.

Some things I’ve been doing and thinking about this week.

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This set of weeknotes has included a lot about what I’m thinking or how I feel. As I said in S03E01 I’m taking the view of writing for future me. A lot of the week was taken up by discussions about aspects of my role.

I mentioned in S02E03 that on a day to day basis I’m…

This week saw quite a few things become clearer in my mind. I’m getting closer to explaining data in the context of digital product development. In doing so, I’m closer to understanding why the delivery triangle model needs to be iterated. Exciting and perhaps controversial.

Things I’ve been doing and thinking about this week.

Make smart choices

This week I’ve been talking in a lot of detail about the interconnections between different aspects of our work and how to plan for that. We’re starting to get towards defining more clearly how we need to work with each other and with other teams. Stuart

This week I’ve focused more of my time on my data team and strategy role. Rather than with the service design and strategy team. I ended the week feeling quite optimistic.

Things I’ve been doing and thinking about this week.

I mentioned in S03E01 that our data team exists to connect user groups with data. The approach I laid out at the start of our time within Health Digital looks like this. We continue to refine and iterate (some of the pieces move position) but this is how we set up.

h/t to Daniel for finessing the artwork

Until recently people have worked within one area each…

A reflective week with some understated highlights and some pragmatism.

Some things I’ve been doing and thinking about this week.

I’ve heard the phrase “Delivery Triangle” used a lot recently so have been trying to find out more. Aaron explained that core of the idea comes from how to represent the key skills in the team. I also saw this


which was accompanied by this sentence “At GDS, there are three distinct roles to push development forward, Product Manager, Delivery Manager and Technical Lead. The best operating model is for the three roles to exist in positive tension.” …

Ryan Dunn

Data Science Hub Lead @DWPDigital. These are my personal thoughts.

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